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Photography is a magic palace with many doors leading to new discoveries of places, people, ideas... but more than that - they lead to exploration of self, a spiritual odyssey. Photography as means of artistic self expression opens doors not only to alternative perspectives, new modes of seeing and learning but it takes a step further to broaden horizons for appreciation, esteem, and empathy... it fills a space between what 'was' and 'is', 'a question' and 'an answer', 'void' and 'true', 'a mare chance' and 'an obelisk'... it documents the journey of one's soul fighting the ocean of choices... until the undecided and cynical shade of character no longer protects one from natural beauty.

Most of us are inclined towards introspection and we related to photography through our own subjective perspective. Thus, I wish a photograph to be poetry - to evoke intense feelings, to reach and move the spirit, to communicate and connect with spectators despite their demographic contexts. I like to photograph scenes with all of the emotion of light, texture, shape and perhaps movement that the nature is capable of delivering. Emotion, with a poetic tone of voice… mirror the far-reaching inspirations... Perhaps for this reason I particularly enjoy exploring the intimate landscape and its seemingly minor details as much as portraying a human face, up close, telling a story of a many words with one image... These intimations of the natural beauty conjure a stream of visual associations and emotions and are my favored subjects.

I believe photography to be alive... even if a captured shot is static itself well chosen composition can bring the scene back to life, capture the viewer's attention, continue to engage him by drawing his eyes to the point of focus and guiding the flow forward and through the scene. I believe that is the light that passionately captivates the viewer and engages him in visual voyage - the reflection of out of the ordinary, a special moment that nature offers. I am attuned to those unique moments and driven to capture nature’s show that it puts on occasionally. For this reason, I explore light that is capable of creating drama or visual excitement in a photograph, breathing life into it; I search to capture rich and engaging visual textures, intriguing layers of elements, mysterious light and pleasant tones, harmonious shape and fine form to transport the viewer to the special place and time.